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Encrusting Machine - Single-row model


High-spec, high-quality Encrusting Machine


Compact encrusting machine for soft dough and confections


Encrusting Machine - Single-row model


Two-row encrusting machine

Mega Former.png

Multi-row encrusting machine for prepared food

Multi Confectioner.png

Multi-row encrusting machine for confectionery


Encrusting Machine - Options

Double Filling Feeder.jpeg

Feeds an additional material into the encrusting machine

Solid Feeder.jpeg

Feeds solid material into the encrusting machines

Compound nozzle Ultrasonic Slicer.jpeg

Cutting ingredients by Ultrasonic Cutter

Encrusting Machine - Related Equipmemt

Set Panner.png

Arranges formed products automatically

Chinese Steam Buns Shaping Device.png

Creases the tops of encrusted products

Half Moon Stamper.png

Makes perfect half-moon shapes automatically

Heat Stamper.png

Stamps and shapes products automatically

Turn Table.png

Coats product surfaces

Dusting Flour Covering Device.png

A device that efficiently powders formed products

Forming Unit Conveyor.png

This conveyor does secondary shaping with optional devices

Ultrasonic Slicer.png

Cutting ingredients by Ultrasonic Cutter

Bread Making Machine - Line

V4-Artisan Bread Line.png

Automated production line of Artisan bread

Concha Production Line.png

Automated production line of Artisan bread

Pastry Production Line.png

Puff Pastry & Croissant Production Line

V4-Sheeting Line.png

line that handles the dough sheet forming–shape cutting pro…

HM Line.png

Multi-purpose complex pastry production line

EZ Table.png

Bread and Pastry Production Line

Bread Making Machinestand-alone machine

VX222 V4-Twin Divider 1000.png

STRESS FREE dough divider in one or two rows

VX132 V4-S.F.D. with Cross Roller.png

Broadens and improves the efficiency of bread production

EZ Divider.png

Weighing cut dough divider

Bread Making Machine - Related Equipmemt

Punch Rounder.png

1-Row dough ball forming machine

Variety Molder.png

Stretches dough balls flat and forms them into rolls

Cup Rounder.png

A device that uses cups to roll divided bread dough

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