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EZ Divider


The best choice for bakeries producing a wide variety of products with a low volume production. Divides dough quickly and accurately like a professional. Dividing Range: 20 – 350g.

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Bread Making Machine stand-alone machine





Suitable for any type of dough! Accepts all types of dough-making methods


Ideal for all types of dough: additive-free, natural yeast, long fermentation, high water absorption, rice flour, and more. Good for straight dough, sponge dough, overnight dough, brew dough, and all other methods.

The best choice for bakeries producing a wide variety of products with a low volume production


Place the dough on the conveyor from a tray. Then all you have to do is enter the cutting and weight and push the start button. The stress free system causes no damage to the dough and makes high quality products.


Dough is divided and cut at a set weight. It is capable of dividing dough at higher capacities than with manual operation without damaging the dough.

Two distinctive production modes offer high efficient portioning


Weighing cut mode


“Weighing cut mode” divides the dough by measuring the weight of the dough and dividing it precisely according to the set weight, which can range from 20 – 350g.

Baguette mode


“Baguette mode” divides the dough at regular intervals. This mode is useful for producing baguettes, coupes, and ciabattas.

Easy operation, Easy cleaning and storage


Retrieve the product data from the memory and simply start production. Up to 100 production data can be memorized.


Parts can be removed easily and safely.  Conveyor folds compactly for a space-saving storage after production.

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