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Pastry Production Line


With its fully automated proecesses of roll-in, layering, sheeting and shaping, the V4-Pastry Line realizes the most efficient pastry production.

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Bread Making Machine Line





Automated Roll-in Process for Fat


The dough is rolled out in a thin sheet-like shape, and fat is dispensed uniformly from the fat pump into the center of the dough. The dough at both ends is then folded in such a way as to enclose the fat, and rolled-in dough containing fat is continuously formed.

Uniform fat layers can be obtained


Uniformity of rolled-in fat layers is the key to produce high quality Danish Pastry and Puff Pastry. Being STRESS FREE, Pastry Production Line can produce laminated products with uniform and beautiful fat layers.


A plethora of forming functions and forming options can be used to produce a range of products.


By combining many shaping attachments, it automatically forms the dough sheet that is stretched to the final thickness, into various shapes of products such as Croissant, Danish Pastry, Paff Pastry.

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