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Mega Former


The “Mega Former” produces a wide variety of savory products such as meat, fish and poultry with high production capacity. Two Rows Encrusting Model Producing 24,000 pcs./h. Four Rows Encrusting Model Producing 48,000 pcs./h.

Mega Former.png

Encrusting Machine Multi-row model





Hygienic, high-speed production of high-quality prepared foods


The “Cycloid Pump” transmits materials accurately for consistent production. The “Turning Shutter” divides and forms filled and non-filled products beautifully at very high speed. Made of SST body making it rust and stain resistant and very hygienic. The outer panel has a bead blasting finish for easy cleaning.

Two Rows Encrusting Model and Four Rows Encrusting Model


Two Rows Encrusting Model


Producing 24,000 pcs./h. Product Weight Range is 20 – 250g.

Four Rows Encrusting Model


Producing 48,000 pcs./h. Product Weight Range is 10 – 120g.

Many optional devices and parts are available for additional products


Forming Conveyor


The Secondary forming option on the forming conveyor shapes the products consistently.

Row Multiply Conveyor


Doubles product rows from 2 into 4 and 4 into 8. This provides greater latitude in the following processes.

Additional Hopper


High capacity hoppers (240 liters) can be placed on either end. Very simple to attach and remove.

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