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Punch Rounder


Punch Rounder can mold many types of dough balls such as high moisture rustic breads & long fermented doughs. Rounding weight range: 150 – 900g, Production capacity: 1,800 pcs./h

Punch Rounder.png

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Perfectly round dough pieces!


Punch Rounder produces hand-made quality bread like an Artisan Baker finishing skills. Dividing and Rounding process increases automation by connecting directly to our V4-Twin Divider (VX222). Molding tightness and amount of degassing can be controlled digitally with a push of a button. Dough ball is rounded flawlessly with dough seam placed on the bottom every time.



The dough seam is always on the bottom. Adjustable rounding for desired cell structure. Dough surface tension is adjustable.

When dividing different shape bread doughs from the VX222 you can use “Bypass Mode” on the Punch Rounder which acts as a conveyor without rounding mechanism engaged, for quick changeovers for making a variety of breads.

Examples of various line layouts

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