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cutting machines

Slice after slice, perfect! Cutting machines by KRUMBEIN stand out for precision, quality and high-end productivity over many years.


To reliably portion gateaux, cakes, confectionery, bread rolls, baguettes or even wafers and pizzas we offer you classic solutions from the horizontal and vertical slicing system to the innovative ultrasonic cutting machine. User friendliness is a high priority at KRUMBEIN.


The cutting widths and variations can be quickly adjusted and the hygienic design enables an easy cleaning. Thanks to their versatility, our cutting machines are valued in bakeries and confectioneries as well as gastronomy and the food processing industry alike. They smoothly fit into the work flow and can be flexibly tailored to individual requirements and production chains.


Cake cutting machine


Divider & Rounder 

Magnus Soft


Primus Pro

4- to 6- pockets


Divider & Rounder 

Magnus Superior


Divider & Rounder 

Magnus 3- To 7-Pockets


At Fortuna every baker finds the perfect bread roll line meeting his individual requirements. Depending on the production output and the available space, we offer different line design concepts.

In the category of up to 5,000 pieces per hour you find extremely space-saving lines, which fit even into the smallest bakery. These lines are especially suitable for small artisan bakeries, which – despite close quarters – would not like to renounce to a wide range of small bakery products.

For small and medium-sized businesses we offer compact lines, which produce up to 8,000 bread rolls per hour with 6-pockets operation. Here you may choose between sole production lines for cut-or stamped bread rolls as well as combined lines with cutting and stamping unit.

For the production of large quantities in one- or three-shift operation we recommend our modular bread roll lines. They provide custom-made maximum performance and their equipment is entirely arranged to meet your customer-specific demands.

Moreover, at Fortuna you get custom-made solutions for the connection of your Fortuna-line to automatic loading systems for different trays.


Panning Device Bak With Primus


Combined Line Premium K With Primus 4- to 6- Pockets


Gek - Intermediate Proofer


Combined Line Premium K Modular with Primus & Self Supporting Panning


Combined Line Premium K With Primus 4- Pockets


Combined Bread Roll Line Profiline K Modular with Magnus


Modular Bread Roll Line Profiline M with Magnus

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