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The Fortuna Magnus Soft is the specialist for very soft doughs. By means of the completely innovative rounding system with diagonally arranged rounding channels, this divider and rounder makes the `impossible´ possible: in a fully-automatic way it processes almost liquid doughs with astonishing dividing accuracy and the greatest possible gentle dough handling. The rounding channels run directly above the conveyor belt, so that a specific transfer of the not rounded dough pieces becomes needless.

  • Innovative techniques, which make the addition of dusting flour unnecessary

  • Processes even doughs with multi-stage pre-doughs and a dough resting time of several hours

  • Separation of dough and dividing chambers by means of a patent pending oil-/compressed air-nozzle-system

  • Newly developed, diagonally arranged rounding channels

  • Panning on special profiled trays

  • Suitable also for doughs containing fat and doughs with high raisin- or fruit proportion

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