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One of the key features of our VULKAN THERMO-ROLL is its versatility. It combines the advantages of a rack oven with trolley loading system and the baking capabilities of a deck oven. Where the VULKAN THERMO-ROLL is run with our patented stone plate system, traditional stone-baking quality and easy handling are added to the winning formula. Fast loading is another great advantage, as it takes less than 60 seconds to load a 10 m2 oven, even if the THERMO-ROLL is operated as a manually loaded deck oven. The versatility of the THERMO-ROLL is reflected in its design. Available in various sizes and for a wide range of tray dimensions, the models of the THERMO-ROLL series can be adapted to suit virtually any bakery. The THERMO-ROLL is thus a true all-rounder.

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  • Optional: Hearth widths from 625 to 1100 mm, Hearth lengths from 1250 to 2050 mm, number of decks from 7 to 16

  • More than 2000 configurable variants

  • High baking performance, small footprint

  • Resting baking comparable to a deck oven

  • Automatically switchable turbulence

  • Ergonomically comfortable due to roll-in loading

  • Powerful thermal oil-heated steamers

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