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Admittedly, our VULKAN tunnel ovens take up quite a bit of space. They are however always a good investment. VULKAN tunnel ovens are exceptionally energy-efficient and offer high throughputs – shift after shift and in the same high quality. No wonder our giant has won over many medium-sized and industrial bakeries running linear production systems. At the feed end, the proofed products are transferred by an automated system onto the oven conveyor. Customers can thereby choose the conveyor type that best suits their products. Our VULKAN tunnel ovens are available with mesh, chain, hinged belt or stone plate conveyors. The baking time determines the speed at which the products are transferred through the tunnel. Inside the oven chamber, the thermal oil heat transfer medium guarantees a fully controlled baking atmosphere from start to finish. Separately controlled temperature zones and top and bottom heat allow for optimized baking curves. Whether you produce loaves, bread rolls or your own specialties – your products will reach the oven exit baked to perfection, one looking and tasting as nice as the other.

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  • Optional: Hearth widths from 1000 to 4000 mm, lengths from 9600 to 60000 mm, baking areas between 10 and 240 m2

  • Simple, low-interference operating principle

  • Baking conveyors with mesh, hinged or stone plate belts

  • Configurable temperature, steam and turbulence zones

  • Customer-specific variants

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