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Boost the most important aspect of your baked goods – their freshness. The natural refrigerants in each individual iceCool concept keeps those pesky ice crystals away from your dough. Your quality ingredients therefore have a longer life and give off that alluring scent while baking that seduces your customers every day.

The gentle humidification system softSteam envelops the growing dough pieces with a gentle mist, creating the best possible conditions for an extraordinary taste experience. What`s more, softSteam saves energy and does not deposit liquid – a dream for every food manufacturer. In hygienic design made of high quality stainless steel, the surfaces can be easily cleaned as residues do not adhere. The unique i-Save energy-saving concept is located between the silver casing and the hygienic Interior. i-Save by iceCool recovers heat from the baking process. A cool idea for saving energy!

Ice Cool - Moistening.png
ice cool shock cooling.png
ice cool storage.png
ice cool - control unit.png
ice cool - automation.png
ice cool -confectionary .png
ice cool - ready to use.png
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