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VULKAN THERMO-ROLL is the result of 30 years of intensive research and development by Heuft. It sets new standards in the design of trolley-loaded ovens. The 20 short heat-up times of the thermal oil trolley oven enable efficient baking, batch after batch, while also facilitating smooth replenishment of baked products. Thanks to excellent heat retention of the transfer medium, short interruptions do not result in instant cooling and do not affect the quality of the baked products. It comes as no surprise that bakers in small and large bakeries are full of praise for the VULKAN THERMO-ROLL oven, which is available in various sizes and models.

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  • Available with 7 to 16 decks, as required

  • Hearth width: 625 to 1100 mm

  • Hearth length: 1250 to 2050 mm

  • Small footprint combined with large baking area

  • Excellent alternative to rack and deck oven combination

  • Switchable turbulence system as standard

  • Batch-after-batch baking

  • Powerful, thermal oil heated steam unit

  • Fast and complete steam removal

  • Modular system for extension up to large-size oven capacity

  • Universal oven: perfect for any type of product without compromising on quality

  • Suitable for use as conventional trolley oven or as deck oven with optional stone plate trolley

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