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custom industrial processing solutions

BVT Dough Process Solutions, based in Oss in the Netherlands, is part of the Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family and specializes
in developing and manufacturing custom-tailored laminating, sheeting and make-up lines for the bakery industry.


We are a strong company which thrives on family values. It’s that dedication that enables us to solve any challenges of the industrial laminating, sheeting and make-up lines for your bread and/or pasty products. Our team of highly skilled workers bring decades of bakery industry experience with them to the table. Experts with a deep understanding of both the baking process and the technology.

BVT Dough Process Solutions comes into its own when developing complete production lines, all of which are tailored to your business.
Our sales engineers develop customized solutions using standard components and, when needed, specifically developed components. Custom-tailored production takes place at our impressive 17,000 m2 engineering works, right in our factory.

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