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  • Vertical cutting machine with a patented KR knife system for perfect cutting results

  • the products are placed vertically in the machine and transported through the cutting system by two side belts

  • The products are cut in the desired position using a vertical knife - the desired cutting position can be adjusted by adjusting the side belts

  • The height of the knives can also be adjusted - so you can choose whether the products should only be cut or a complete cut should be made

  • With the complete cut, the products are placed on the conveyor belt with the cut surfaces facing UP - so the products can be optimally transferred for further processing


  • Hygiene design - execution as “wash down” version for intensive wet cleaning of the machine

  • movable by means of swivel castors with spindle height adjustment to adjust the working height

  • Made entirely of stainless steel and plastic (blue)

  • Completely closed machine housing to maintain the prescribed safety distances - highest safety standard -
    »Monitoring of all protective covers that can be removed without tools

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