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State-of-the-art cutting systems with maximum flexibility...

As a supplement to our mechanical cutting machine range, we also offer machines with ultrasonic cutting systems.
The products are cut with a metal blade that vibrates at a very high frequency. (20,000 oscillations per second)

The cutting blade is rotatable mounted and can therefore cut products into a wide variety of piece shapes.


State-of-the-art technology in the smallest of spaces  - the universal ultrasonic cutting machine in the smallest design for cutting round pies, cakes in baking trays and products outside of baking trays 

High-tech components for the best cutting  results - the best cutting results are achieved by using a titanium blade that vibrates at high frequency. 
The ultrasonic vibrations reduce product residue sticking to the blade. Due to the high frequency, the blade is “self-cleaning” during the cutting process, ie only a few product residues stick to the blade. 
To optimize knife cleaning, the cutting machine is equipped with an automatic blade cleaning station.

Low-noise, energy-saving drive concept  - the movements of the ultrasonic blade are carried out by a 4-axis drive concept with precise and fast servo drives. Thanks to this innovative drive concept, the ultrasonic blade can move very flexibly and can therefore be used for a variety of cutting tasks.

Cutting of:

  • Round cakes

  • Cake in baking trays

  • Cutting of products on a cutting plate (e.g. nut corners, cakes in rectangle, square or rhombus shape

Optimal ease of use  - The unique graphical user interface makes programming child's play. The required cutting parameters are entered in a user-friendly manner via a touchscreen display. 
The size of the pieces can only be changed using the machine control, so no mechanical modifications are required.

Technical Details

  • High dynamics with minimal noise level and minimal energy consumption

  • Greatest possible user-friendliness by reducing the mechanical components to a minimum - optimal accessibility to all areas of the cutting machine

  • Hygiene design - execution as "wash down" version for intensive wet cleaning of the machine

  • Highest safety standard through completely closed machine housing and light curtain system in the operator's area

  • Basic modular concept - design of the system according to the customer's requirements and purpose

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