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The cutting machines for highest quality standards at cutting of angular products. Numerous programme options enable the individual configuration of the machines for maximal productivity and perfect results.

State-of –the-art driving elements confer high precision and dynamics on the machines.


  • OLM – overhead cutter driving system, i.e. all driving elements for the cutter drive as well as for the knife stroke are arranged above the cutting area. Also the control box is above the cutting area.

  • By means of this construction the machine meets the state-of-the-art hygiene requirements, because unproblematic and effective cleaning is possible.

  • The cutting machine disposes of two round plates, on which the products are put for the cutting process. The round plates are automatically turned between the cutting cycles according to the adjusted number of pieces.

  • For using it as linear cutting machine the linear table placed on the rear of the machine is inserted into the machine. Back fitting the machine to the respective variant is done by the operator within 2 minutes without technical accessories.

  • At linear cutting the products are transported and cut on a cutting plate.

  • The machine control recognizes automatically the corresponding variant (round or linear).

  • The change of the number of pieces (round) as well as the size of the piece (angular) is exclusively effected by the machine control, according to this no mechanical re-engineering work is necessary.

  • The diameter of the round products can be up to 380mm.

  • The maximal size of the raw product amounts to 900 x 900mm.

  • The machine is manufactured exclusively from food-grade materials.

  • The TKSM 900 Maxi is also deliverable as TKSM 600 Multi. In this case the machine is equipped with two round cutting discs (max. Ø 300mm) and the working width at linear cutting amounts to 600mm.

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