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Highly performing at high temperatures

The tropicalized refrigeration unit allows the water chiller to fully work even in extreme temperature conditions, with room temperature up to +45°C.

The continuous water chiller prevents the proliferation of bacteria thanks to stainless steel coil, that makes water circulate without any contact with air. The double circuit cooling/evaporator ensures water hygiene also in case of breakdown of the cooling system.


Neutral zone water warming (optional warming kit)

Thanks to the warming kit available on request, the water chiller can warm up or cool down water automatically based on set temperature, up to +35°C.

Earn one working hour every day (optional dosakit)

Dosakit is a water meter with impulsing discharge and touch screen control with possibility of remote control thanks to magnetic fixing.
Refrigerated water can be delivered directly to the dough mixer at the right temperature and in the right quantity providing these water chillers with water meter (optional). These additions reduce production times and eliminate any possibility of mistake. Water dosing will no longer be a waste of time and it will allow you to save about an hour of work everyday day that you can dedicate to your work and passion.

Where are 60 minutes? More than 10 doughs are made during the day and for each you lose 5-7 minutes for manual dosage of water.

Installation and initial testing operations are simplified by the automatic filling of the tank. Furthermore, the maintenance of the water chiller is helped by the constant motion of the water due to the immersion pump and by the absence of extra pumps for water discharge, thanks to the pressure of the hydraulic system.

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