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BVT Dough Process Solutions, part of Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family, supplies state-of-the-art and user friendly industrial production lines for proofed and non-proofed flatbreads, pizza bases and their toppings. High-quality, modular machines designed meticulously inhouse to meet your requirements.

We work with you to design robust, custom-made production lines based on your products, product capacity, dough types, needs and desired process. Together with you, and in the interest of keeping production times as short as possible, we test your tailored lines thoroughly at our own factory before we deliver them to your production facility. We offer various unique custom-made systems for cutting and stacking, as well as systems that can roll pizzas and flatbread products onto paper or plastic.


Pizza can come in various kinds, shapes and sizes, which require different approaches and reducing methods. We offer custom equipment for proofed assortments, along with inline overhead proofing and non-proofed pizza assortments. Think about well-known pizza varieties; Turkish, American or Italian styles. We have the knowledge and experience to design, manufacture and install diverse production lines and components that fit your specific processes and available production space.

Of course, we also produce units and components for pizza toppings. These include depositing solutions for sauces, vegetables, meats and cheeses, and various topping strewing methods. Our pizza topping lines are developed with automatic recirculation systems. Meaning, any surplus toppings are collected and reused. With almost zero waste, our production lines are highly sustainable.

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