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The V-Series commercial bakery oven is designed for industrial use and therefore one of the most robust bakery ovens on the market. It is manufactured for professional bakers, with high standards for baking quality, flexibility and efficiency.

The V-Series rack oven has a powerful, quick and extra-clean steam which is highly appreciated by professional bakers from all over the world as well as that the heat recovers quickly after drop downs from, for example, door openings. The oven also has a quick cool down functionality (forced fan) which makes the temperature setting down to a lower temperature, to the next bake, really fast.

The rotating rack oven is equipped with an automatic rotation stop for the rack. This means that the rack will rotate to unloading position once the door handle is lifted after the bake. The rotating rack oven also has the slow start functionality, which means that the rack will gentle and gradual accelerate the rotation and retardation of the rack. This is extra important for baked products sensitive to bumps and blows, or that risk moving from vibrations, like meringue and macarons. Another small but important feature is the magnetic multi-holder where you can store knives, gloves and more.

The V-Series comes in fossil free electric rack oven, oil rack oven and gas rack oven versions. It has three basic sizes, with space for up to three racks in the oven chamber, depending on the rack size. The heat exchange in the oil and gas ovens have high efficiency which leads to lower heating costs.

The SD-Touch II digital control panel is user-friendly with an interface beyond the ordinary. The panel contains a lot of convenient features, one is the baking recording to create recipe function. It means that the oven always records the bake and if the baker finds it worth saving, one can save it afterwards with just one click. All recipes are easy to handle with the smart touch screen. It is also possible to run the half rack function, which makes the oven optimized for baking lower volumes on the rack.

The rotating rack oven is very energy efficient and shaped for heavy load in commercial bakeries. It is an oven with high quality components and materials, and low total cost of ownership. Both the inside and outside of the oven are made of strong stainless steel. This is sustainable as well as recyclable as well as easy to keep clean. The insulation is powerful and traps the heat inside the oven which leads to a better working environment in the bakery.

The rack oven is available with the famous and often copied Sveba Dahlen suspension hook (depending on model), automatic rack lifting device and rotating platform with adjustable ramp. All bakery oven models have a wide variety of options to make the bakery oven adaptable to your bakery.

As smart as ever – Fully connected! The V-Series rack oven is also available with the Sveba Connect cloud solution. To be connected is the easiest way to update the software in the panel and to monitor the ovens from any device, anywhere, 24/7.

Tunnel oven execution
The model V42 is available with tunnel oven / walk through execution, which means 2 doors for effective rack handling.


Increased Baking Surface System.
Provides quick, even and economical baking.

SD Touch II Panel.
The next generation of user-friendly touch panel with high resolution screen, swipe function, simple recipe handling with timer down to second-precision for functions such as temperature, steam and fans.

Cascad steam system quickly provides powerful and extra clean steam.
Heat and steam are evenly spread quickly within the oven leaving the system with a short recovery period.

Powerful insulation.
Ensures that the heat will stay inside the oven. It will lead to a better environment at the bakery.

Made of stainless steel both outside and inside the oven.
Sustainable material that makes the oven last longer. Easy to keep clean.

Automatic rotation stop for racks.
When baking time is completed, you lift the door handle (do not open) and the racks will turn to the unloading position.

Spring loaded door hinge.
Ensures the door remains open while loading and unloading racks.

Slow start.
Genle and gradual accelerating rotation and retardation of the rack for baking products sensitive to bumps and blows, or that risk moving from vibrations.

Effective heat exchange in the oil and gas oven.
High efficiendy and low heating cost.

Right-hand hinged insulated door with double glazed window and door stop.
Easy to open and supervise.

Includes suspension hook (excl. V5, V51, V52) Max weight 350 kg om V30, V50 on V40.
Simplifies oven cleaning.

Utility holder.
Perfect storage for knives, gloves and more.

Max baking temperature 300°C / 572°F.

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