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At BVT Dough Process Solutions, we offer custom-made processing solutions for the industrial production of your pastries, croissants and Danish products. Our laminating and sheeting line solutions are based on Scottish (all-in) and French laminating production methods.

After incorporating the fat with the dough, you can choose from various laminating methods to create the desired layer structure and amount of layers to meet your product specifications. After the last laminated section, the dough is sheeted gently into the required thickness. Either the dough is cut into small dough sheets or product make-up takes place. You can create all shapes imaginable, with or without fillings, sprinkles and decoration. Special patterns can be pressed or cut in the dough to create a unique product appearance. It’s all up to you!


Our process lines are custom designed and tailored to meet all your needs in regard to available space and product scope Do you have fully automatic production? Integrate our Inline overhead cooling/resting conveyors to give your product an optimum puffy layer structure during baking.

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