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  • Horizontal slice machine with five KR special blade systems for cutting of bakery products in six layers per throughput of product

  • Manual adjustment of blade height

  • Height adjustable upper band for fixing the products during the cutting process

  • Synchronized upper and lower band drive for the transport of the products through the cutting equipment (feed rate controllable)

  • The machine is manufactured exclusively from food graded materials

  • Possible application of the machine on various places of production, because it is displaceable by guide pulleys


  • Height adjustment of blade position by means of handwheel

  • Indication of adjusted blade height on a blade height scale

  • Height adjustment of upper band position by means of handwheel

  • Indication of adjusted upper band position on a height scale

  • Cutting is executed in a through-feed method, i.e. the products are put on the front side of the machine and come out in cut form at the rear side of the machine

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