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The principle behind the Heuft boiler is actually very simple: Similar to radiators in modern central heating systems, one or more ovens are supplied with heat from a central boiler installed in a separate heat exchanger room and dimensioned to suit the bakery. This arrangement has many advantages: the noise level in the bakery is reduced, there is no need for additional burners and flues and the heat exchanger is protected from steam and flour dust, which prolongs its service life and improves its efficiency. In addition, the system is extremely cost- and fuel-efficient and can be customized for various fuels from oil to biomass. However, efficiency is only one aspect a good oven manufacturer will consider. Equally important are optimized baking conditions inside the oven for as many different products as possible – and that is where thermal oil is simply unbeatable.

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  • Central heat supply for the entire oven system

  • Reduction of the number of burners and stacks

  • High combustion efficiency

  • Can be heated with oil, gas, electricity or biomass

  • From 80 to 2000 KW output

  • Installation of boiler plants separately or in combination

  • Development and construction by Heuft technicians

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