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Gluten-free production lines are a must in the industrial baking world of today.

It’s widely known that gluten-free doughs are sticky and not always easy to process. The processing method for gluten-free dough depends on your desired product. BVT Dough Process Solutions offers automated solutions for both liquid soft batter dough processing and kneadable dough processing.


We bring years of international experience and technical knowhow to the table. Together with you, we design a production line that is completely aligned to your specific products and processes, in an automated solution. 


These specially designed production lines are equipped with tools exclusively developed to handle sticky gluten-free doughs. Because of this smooth handling, we can offer straightforward solutions for a gluten-free product.


Together with Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions, gluten-free products can be produced with a quality that was only imaginable in the recent past. The products have a significant shelf-life improvement, volume increase improvement and an extension of fresh product softness that lasts for days.


Are you in the production of gluten-free breads, pizzas, puff pastries, Danish and/or muffins? And would you like

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