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Profi - Jet


For the sophisticated an high performanced bakery.


The Profi-Jet is the result of our entire experience as a specialist in the field of refinement of pastry products. With the Profi-Jet you will not make any compromises in terms of performance. Professional spraying technology at the highest level, even with high quantities.

The professional technology of the Profi-Jet ensures an even and convincing spray pattern, which will not only inspire you but also your customers.

When processing cake glaze, the Profi-Jet shines with a flow rate of 6 litres/min. The bubble-free inclusion of the fruit and the high stability of the cuts will delight your customers during the fruit season.

Profi - Jet_edited.png

Product Description

Profi-Jet 0600
  • Comfortable soft-touch control

  • 2 material container of 27 litres each

  • 2 separate heating systems for simultaneous processing of different materials

  • Material-friendly instantaneous water heaters

  • Low maintenance compressed air system

  • Innovative water cleaning system

  • 6 litres/minute flow rate for cake glaze

  • The high flow rate ensures best results when flooding cake glaze. A bubble-free, clear inclusion of the fruit and a high stability of the cuts will delight your customers.

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