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Combino - Conveyor belt system


Apply apricot jam, dry and glaze in one go


Do you value consistent quality in the premium sector? With the Combino coveyor system you are no longer dependent on the “daily form” of employees. The Combino conveyor system ensures perfect results thanks to the perfect finishing of the pastry products. Even ambitious challenges such as the coating of “Danish Plunder” or “Berliners” are easily mastered by the Combino.

The modular design of the Combino means investment security for you. Even in later extensions, you do not have to re-invest again and again.

Qualitatively and economically, the Combino conveyor system has been convincing in leading bakeries for many years.

Combino - Conveyor belt system.png

Product Description

Combino-Conveyor system 2100
  • Modular, investment-friendly construction

  • Simple, fast product change

  • Replaceable spraying / coating stations

  • Heating tunnel for best results

  • Adjustable application thicknesses

  • Simple, fast cleaning

Artisan bakers Know-how and well thought-out procedures formed the basis for the development. The result is premium finishing “churning out”.

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