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Rack trolley cleaning system SRK-W7


Professional cleaning technique for the clean bakery


The SRK W-7 stands for intelligent cleaning technique. Six different cleaning programs and 10 memory slots provide effective and innovative solutions for hygiene management in your production.

Cleaning programmes adapted to the respective degree of contamination optimise the cleaning process. While an intensive programme is selected for the initial cleaning of “well baked-in” rack trolleys, you can switch to normal or short programmes for the next cleaning cycle. For you, this means a reduction in cleaning agents, energy and water consumption. Cleaning the rack trolleys is thus always cheaper. The SRK W-7 offers you a dynamic that other systems do not offer.

Rack trolley cleaning system SRK-W7.png

Product Description

  • Six different washing programmes

  • 10 memory slots

  • Shortest cycle time approx. 3.5 minutes

  • No pre-treatment, no wheel assembly

  • High cleaning performance, up to approx. 180 bar

  • Simple handling, low personnel deployment

  • Permanent unit cost reduction

  • Compact design, environmentally friendly

  • LCD control panel

  • Optimal cleaning efficiency

  • Push in trolley – Press start button – Move trolley out

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