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For the industrial production of donuts, Berliners and other fried products, BVT Dough Process Solutions has the knowledge and experience to offer you a wide range of solutions, based on your requirements.

Our production lines are custom tailored to meet your industrial bakery needs. Furthermore, we take into account, for example, available space, line requirements, product variety and product quality. The result is an industrial production line just for you. BVT Dough Process Solutions is using processes from stress free to extrusion for the production of Donuts, Berliners and other fried products.

We implement our tailor-made indirect heated Thermo-Oil industrial fryers in your production line, which gives you more flexibility in regard to product diversity. In combination with our unique swing tray proofing and cooling systems, all your products are handled in the preferred alignment for further injecting, enrobing and any other process steps you require for your dough products.

At BVT Dough Process Solutions, we design and manufacture custom-made solutions for your entire dough production.

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