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It is the undisputed favorite among bakeries: the deck oven. Bakers who have invested in a Heuft thermal oil deck oven quickly discover that they have acquired a device that sets new quality standards for all future components. Be it crispy rolls, well-baked bread or juicy sponge cake: Bakeries can implement their recipes perfectly, including kneading process, preparation and cool rinsing. As the baking atmosphere can be precisely adjusted, every product is baked to perfection. Fast heating up and lowering of the baking temperature, as well as optional turbulence operation allows bakers to intervene quickly should production conditions change. The VULKAN thermal oil deck oven is not only highly efficient but also extremely versatile, catering for large batches as well as step-by-step loading of individual trays, tins and loose goods. That is why artisan bakers dedicated to quality opt for VULKAN thermal oil deck ovens.

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  • Available with 3 to 12 hearths

  • Hearth width: 625 to 2070 mm

  • Hearth length: 1600 to 2500 mm

  • Excellent baking area/footprint ratio; available with baking areas from 3 to 60 m2

  • Backing directly on hearth plate

  • High throughput rate, low energy consumption and compact design thanks to unique thermal oil heat transfer technology

  • Manufactured according to your specifications – without restrictions to hearth height, etc.

  • Universal oven with excellent baking capabilities for any product, therefore particularly suitable for bakeries with a wide product range

  • No wastage of baking area: batch-after-batch baking

  • Available with pull-out hearths, individually controlled temperature sections and turbulence system

  • Energy-saving quality baking: high efficiency, low energy consumption and minimized heat loss during shutdown times

  • Flexible loading: suitable for any product from German-style cheese cakes to large bread loaves – no scorching or unwanted browning; perfectly uniform baking results with all baking programs

  • Heuft touch screen with user-friendly menu control interface

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