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At BVT Dough Process Solutions, part of Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family, we offer you various industrial processing solutions for the production of crisp bread (knäckebröd) and crackers.

The production of crisp bread and crackers can be done in two different ways. BVT Dough Process Solutions can deliver both systems/methods. When the final dough sheet is made following your pre-set specifications, the dough is moved through the required process steps in your line.

Your product is realized on custom-made product lines that utilize our proven technology. Our production lines can be equipped with automatic recirculation for surplus dough, strewn seeds or other additions. Your production line for crisp bread and crackers is then both efficient and sustainable.

During product creation, the dough can undergo several inline conditioning steps. This gives the final product the needed characteristics like taste and structure. BVT Dough Process Solutions develops your crisp bread and cracker lines to facilitate the highest quality of your product in the most efficient way possible.

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