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Systems to empty the bowls 200/800 liters


TILTERS for 200, 300, 400, 600 and 800 litre bowls Used to pour the contents of the bowl into hoppers that supply production lines for pastry products. Can be used for any type of pastry product mixture.

  • Rugged micro-peened AISI 304 stainless steel structure

  • Maximum tipping height 1300 mm

  • Motor driven cylinder transmission system;

  • Structure suitable for fixing to the floor;

  • Safety cage manufactured according to EC regulations with micro switch controlled access door;

  • Hold-to-run machine controls;

  • Chute to direct the product into the hopper;

  • Speed control inverter;

  • Automatic slowdown during the final stage of the downward movement of the bowl, according to EC regulations;

  • Slowdown during lifting movement to ensure that the bowl is emptied correctly;

  • Bowl presence and locked position monitored according to EC regulations;

  • Automatic transmission wear monitoring;

  • Position of controls ensures maximum visibility at all times: lifting, tipping and downward bowl movement;

  • Manual scraper blade for easy bowl emptying;

  • Standard power supply 400/3/50Hz - 380/3/60Hz.



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