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Midi - Jet


performance-oriented spray technology for perfectionists


The Midi-Jet also fulfills the highest demands. It can be found in performance-oriented bakeries where space is at a minimum. No compromises with regard to quality.

The finest apricot particles enclose the pastry and ensure long-lasting freshness. The subsequent application of fondant – sprayed or filleted – gives your pastry the final finish. Premium biscuits on display are a convincing sales argument.


Product Description

Midi-Jet 0700
  • Comfortable soft-touch control

  • 2 material container of 15 litres each

  • 2 separate heating systems for simultaneous processing of different materials

  • Material-friendly instantaneous water heaters

  • Low maintenance compressed air system

  • Innovative water cleaning system

  • Also available as table-top unit

  • The Midi-Jet was developed for the efficient, quality-oriented bakery – for bakers like you.

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