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Apricot, drying and glazing in one go.


Perfect finishing with high performance – this is what the Performance Conveyor System stands for. You attach great importance to consistent quality in the premium segment. The “daily form” of the employees must not be reflected in the pastries. The performance conveyor system ensures that your lovingly made pastries get the perfect finish.

Even ambitious challenges such as the coating of “Danish pastry” or “Berliners” are mastered by the Performance without any problems.

Performance - tape system.png

Product Description

Performance Conveyor System 1900
  • Modular, investment-friendly design

  • 600 mm working width

  • Simple, fast product changeover

  • Exchangeable spraying / coating stations

  • Heat tunnel for best results

  • Adjustable application thicknesses

  • Simple, fast cleaning

Artisan baker know-how and well thought-out procedures formed the basis for the development. The result is non-stop premium finishes.

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