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Aktiv - Bad


makes the sweet life clean


The AKTIV-Bad is the contemporary solution for the modern bakery. Old and strong encrustations on baking trays and molds are removed gently and effectively.
Even strong residues are not a problem for the AKTIV-Bad. Your sheets will be freed from waste and ballast and are available in a fresh and appetizing way.

The combination of heat, time and a biodegradable cleaning agent ensures gentle cleaning of your pans and forms. You can certainly use your skilled staff for more important tasks other than the scraping of pans.

Clean tools – clean work.

Aktiv - Bad.png

Product Description

Aktiv – Bad 5100
  • Capacity:
    Approx.18-40 sheets (depending on sheet forms)

  • Content of a filling:
    30 ltr. Alu-X (fill up till mark)

  • Reach of a filling:
    approx. 30 bathes (540 – 1200 sheets)

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