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Results of superior quality for efficient progress - with the bakery machines made by DIOSNA, you get the maximum from your operation. The wide product portfolio ranges from compact systems for small-scale solutions to fully automatic plants for the large-scale enterprise and comprises all plants that allow an uncomplicated as well as economical flow of operations.


For more than 135 years the enterprise located in Osnabrück has been producing distinguished machines. While the focus was first on plants in the fields of agriculture and household machinery, today the enterprise funnels its attention on the segments of food and pharmaceutical industry. With experience and pioneering spirit DIOSNA encourages the continuous further development of its products to invest in suitable and innovative projects for the future.

Pre Dough Plants.jpg

Pre-Dough Plants

Scrap Dough and leftover bread processin

Scrap Dough & Leftover Bread Processing

Spiral Mixers - diosna.jpg

Spiral Mixers

Elevator Tipper - Diosna.jpg

Elevator Tipper

Wendelmixer - diosna.jpg


Kneading Systems - diosna.jpg

Kneading Systems

Production of Creams and Masses - diosna

Production of Creams and Masses

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