With Rest Bread Crushers made by DIOSNA you will be able to utilise the whole potential of your operation. The crushers do not only reduce the space requirement for storage but they also allow the optimum reprocessing of the not sold goods. With this, you benefit from huge cost savings and create the basis for delicious baked goods. Our systems convince with highest functionality, are suitable for all products from rye bread to cake and ensure the perfect quality of the crushed goods. Intelligent solutions are not a novelty at DIOSNA: Specialised in the fields of food and pharmaceutical industry, the company that has been existing since 1885 is active worldwide and is continuously working in improving its products. In this way, you will also receive customised and technically highly developed systems that ensure a smooth operational process.

To achieve the objective of a noticeably higher economic efficiency the Rest bread Crusher RZ 4 has a series of innovative characteristics. So the plant does not only feature its mobility and small space requirements, but, thanks to its powerful direct dive with brake unit, it also convinces with a safe and uncomplicated operation. Moreover, the filling hopper has a useful anti-scatter opening and by means of its rapid fastener it can be folded back completely - the result is fast and easy cleaning. In addition it is advantageous that it has the ability to grind grain and seeds to medium sizes. Made of stainless steel, the RZ 4 is ideally designed for continuous operation and if required, it delivers the desired results.

The effectiveness of the machine is based on the collaboration of the crushing tools and the sieve technology. The supplementary equipment includes sieves of different fineness. In addition to a standing sieve with six mm fineness, two plate sieves with ten and 20 mm fineness each ate available, so that, with the right accessories, several possibilities are given from milling breadcrumbs to crushing dough and baked goods. Furthermore, there are also a collecting bag, a filling hose, and an expanding ring for continuous feed within the scope of delivery of the RZ 4.
Also the technical data of the RZ 4 are convincing. It allows a maximum throughput of 450 to 800 kg, whereby the exact speed depends on the material to be processed. With a height of 1650 mm, a relatively small weight of 78 kg, and a narrow design, the Rest Bread Crusher needs only small space and can be moved without problems and fast if necessary. The hopper diameter is 240 mm and allows fast and easy filling.

DIOSNA is offering you diverse solutions for the processing of baked goods. When it comes to the production of up to 1,000 kg of starter dough made of excess bread, our bread fermentation plant will be the first choice. It crushes whole bread loaves, is available in several sizes and also features easy handling like the Crusher RZ 4. A further system for increasing the profitability is the Bread Mixer Ecoline for up to 375 kg of bread mixture. Also here, you can put in whole bread loaves that are mixed with water to a homogeneous mass and can be added directly to the dough.
With customised solutions for returning of residual dough, the so-called "scrap dough", not only the process reliability is improved but also the economic efficiency of the process lines is increased. Here, DIOSNA relies on roll- and laminating machines and keeps two effective solutions available for this process. On one hand, this is the solution for slurrying of the scrap dough, as well as the solution for fermentation of the scrap dough, with which the activity is made controllable. In addition, with the effective solutions for liquefying of scrap dough, also fine dough with a weight per cent of grease of up to 55 is able to be fermented and returned.

High-grade results with constant dough quality - by means of DIOStart the Dough Experts are offering you numerous cultures that make exactly this possible. If you already use our systems for Rest bread Crushing, DIOStart rye bread fermentation will be the perfect supplement for the production of bread and baked goods in your company. Held in certified organic-quality, the cultures are exactly adapted to the microbiological requirements of the bread fermentation. Besides a best possible production safety, the cultures contribute to the reduction of raw material costs and provide for aromatic taste. You are welcome to send your results to the quality control - we analyse all criterions of the sourdough and advice you referring an individual improvement of the product. Inform yourself now with your Dough Experts from DIOSNA. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


• Economic utilization of non-sold goods
• Medium grain of cereals and grains
• Savings on purchasing and simplified storage by crushing ingredients right before use


• 2 plate sieves (10 mm and 20 mm)
• 1 sieve (6 mm)
• 1 collecting bag
• 1 filling hose
• 1 expanding ring for continuous feeding