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The modern, hygienic solution


Goodbye brush …. With the Spray-Hit you will end the time in which the application of egg or shine was tedious, time-consuming and because of brush hair in the pastry anything but effective and hygienic.

The Spray-Hit is available both for egg and oil. The use of proven compressed air technology means that you are absolutely mobile in the bakery. Different sizes are available according to your needs. A mobile rack is also available as an option.

Of course, the Spray-Hit is delivered ready for use with hose and gun.

Spray - Hit.png

Product Description

Spray-Hit 0300
  • Smooth material application

  • Fast, effective processing

  • Fog-free spraying

  • Best results for:
    eggwash, glossy coatings, oil / release agents
    lump sugar, cream and many more.

  • For the hygienic processing of eggwash and glossy coatings, you will receive the Spray-Hit Egg with a connection for water flushing. This means that the Spray-Hit is available to you clean at all times.

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