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Smartline - Conveyor belt system


Compact, Individual, Professional.


The Smartline conveyor belt system can be installed as a compact system even in the smallest bakery. On only 1 sqm it convinces by its application possibilities in the most different areas as well as by its precision. The Smartline is the first choice wherever speed and precision are required, e.g. for processing eggs or oil/separating fat. Special nozzles and the optimised arrangement ensure rapid, uninterrupted work.

The Smartline belt system can be adapted to individual requirements by simply exchanging the spray head. Starting from a basic module, you can put together your own individual system, so that you can immediately benefit from the advantages of a conveyor system and at the same time keep all options open for future expansions without having to invest in new equipment from the very beginning.

Smartline - Conveyor belt system.png

Product Description

Smartline-Conveyor belt system 2200
  • Modular, investment-friendly construction

  • Variable belt speed

  • Spray heads or enrobing unit selectable

  • Standard laser detection

  • Compact size 100 x 100 cm

  • 600 mm working width (Euro – sheets)

  • Upper technology for quick cleaning

  • Optimum nozzle arrangement 

  • Professional, production-friendly nozzle technology

  • The compact design of the Smartline conveyor system on just one smart square metre ensures shiny croissants and yeast plaits. Take advantage of our experience in the field of refinement and inspire your customers with a premium finish.

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