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Uno - Jet


for the ambitious bakery.


The Uno-Jet is the ideal spraying system if you only want to process one material. The Uno-Jet is optionally available for processing apricot / cake glaze or fondant.

The professional technology of the Uno-Jet guarantees an even and absolutely convincing spray pattern, which will not only inspire you but also your customers.

During the fruit season you can use the full power of the Uno-Jet and flood the slices with up to 6 litres / minute. Pure power. A shiny and appetizing appearance in the displays is a convincing sales argument.

Uno - Jet.png

Product Description

Uno-Jet 1000
  • comfortable soft-touch control

  • 27 litres material container

  • Gentle material flow heater

  • Low maintenance compressed air technology/span>

  • Innovative water cleaning system

  • Stainless steel protective cover

  • for apricot, cake glaze or fondant

  • 6 litres / minute flow rate for cake glaze

  • With the Uno-Jet you can ensure convincing results in your bakery.

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