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Econa - Conveyor system


Pastry refine and picking in one go.


The Econa conveyor system ensures absolute premium results thanks to the perfect finishing of the baked goods. Applying apricot jam, drying, glazing and picking in one go – this reflects our many years of experience in finishing technology.

The infrared heat tunnel and the professional heating tanks with rotary lobe pumps from the industrial sector ensure a high throughput with the finest finish.

So that the premium idea can be continued to the end, the Econa conveyor system has an automatic basket storage. The finished pastry is not touched again by hand, but immediately picked automatically. Thus, an otherwise additional step is saved.

econa main.png

Product Description

Econa-Conveyor system 1300
  • Optimal raw material utilization through circulation

  • Replaceable spraying / enrobing stations

  • Infrared heat tunnel for best results

  • Adjustable application thicknesses

  • Innovative PLC control for full control

  • Simple, fast cleaning

  • Fully automatic picking

  • Advantages in terms of time, material u. personnel costs

The Econa conveyor system – Professional production technology for innovative bakeries that value quality and cost-effectiveness.

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