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  • The cutting machines for the highest quality demands when cutting round and square products.

  • Numerous program options enable the individual configuration of the machines for maximum productivity and perfect results. The most modern drive elements give the TKSM machines high precision and dynamism.

  • The standard version of the machines is equipped with a knife cleaning system, which wipes the knives dry after a freely adjustable interval and thus removes any contamination. A hot steam cleaning system is also available as an option for using the machine to cut creamy products.


  • The universal version for cutting round and square products

  • OLM - overhead knife drive system, ie all drive elements for the knife drive and knife stroke are above the cutting area. The electrical switch box is also located above the cutting area.

  • With this construction, the machine meets the most modern hygiene requirements as cleaning is easy and effective.

  • The cutting machine has two round plates on which the products for the cutting process are placed. The rotary plates are automatically rotated between the cutting cycles according to the set number of pieces.

  • For use as a linear cutting machine, the linear table is pushed into the machine. The machine operator can convert the machine to the respective variant without any technical accessories in about 2 minutes.

  • With linear cutting, the products are transported and cut on a cutting plate.

  • The machine control automatically recognizes the corresponding variant (round or linear).

  • The number of pieces (round) and the piece size (square) can only be changed using the machine control system, so no mechanical modifications are required.

  • The diameter of the round products can be up to 300mm.

  • The maximum raw product size is 600 x 600mm

  • The machine is manufactured exclusively from food-approved materials.

  • The TKSM 600 Multi is also available as TKSM-R + L 820 OLM for products up to 800 x 800mm.

  • need to be opened when operating the machine

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