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Tin bread, buns, artisan bread, baguettes, rolls and many other types or shapes of bread products. All can be created with ease and efficiency by BVT Dough Process Solutions, part of the Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family.

All our bread production lines are custom tailored to meet your industrial bakery needs. Furthermore, we take into account, for example, available space, line requirements, product variety and product quality.


With BVT Dough Process Solutions, your dough is collected from the mixer at the start of the process line. Depending on your final product, we offer you several systems for the initial dough sheeting process. We can for example install a special “stress free” pre-sheeting system, ideal for products that contain a high percentage of water, like ciabatta.

These systems enable you to produce many different dough types. Resulting in any required bread type, from fine to rustic and open structures. This gives the final product their specific, recognizable characteristics. 


Using the process steps you set for the particular product, the dough is gently sheeted and sent off along the line to undergo your final specifications. This is where the product make up takes place.

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