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Bread and Baguette Moulder


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Plyca is a compact, versatile long moulder for retail and industrial bakeries. An adjustable motorized pressureboard, the larger diameter rollers and the longer moulding surface guarantee optimal results for any type of bread.

Its vertical setup requires minimal floor space without compromising the moulding length.

The three adjustable big size rollers of 70-170 mm diameter are controlled with easy analogical indicators. The opening range is exceptionally large for maximum versatility.

The upper belt can be precisely controlled through height, inclination and speed. An electronic variometer offers the operator a very accurate control. It can be tilted for easy access.

Belts are available in wool or FDA certified polyurethane.

Solid construction and well considered components guarantee high production capacity in an industrial environment as well as maximum reliability.

Plyca 1C is designed for tin bread and batons.

The Plyca 2C is equipped with a second moulding station for baguettes. The passing of the first to the second moulder is precisely regulated by a return feeder belt permitting a short resting time for better long moulding. The required weight is set by an electric motor. The upper belt is driven by a separate motor to lengthen the moulding surface.

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Numerous settings allow you to accurately mould any type of bread or baguette.


Safety guards ensure the safety of the operators.


Comfortable exit height of the loaves (81 cm).


Hinged rear opens for speedy cleaning and maintenance.


Rear drawer to quickly remove any waste dough.


Adjustment wheels with easy visible numerical indicators.


Ring on the top edge of the hopper for maximum safety. Openable transparent door with safety switch to check the inside of the hopper and moulder.






Volumetric Heavy Duty Divider


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Calybra HD is Artezen's heavy duty divider combining Calybra's unique, oil free dividing system with a stainless steel suction drum and an industrial specification hydraulic unit, allowing 24/7 production. The two phase dividing process assures highest accuracy while respecting your dough quality.

In this particular use the savings on expenses for oil are even more important. Besides, your dough is free from contact with dividing oil and your equipment and work space stay cleaner.

Calybra HD is prepared for Industry 4.0, allowing the divider to be programmed by and send feedback to the bakery's ERP system. It can also be operated through our Connect App. The cloud connection makes long distance diagnosis and preventive maintenance easy.

Strong points of Calybra HD:

- Oil free dividing for important cost savings.

- For any type of dough, included gluten free.

- Large control panel with recipes, touch screen and turning arm for easy control.

- Artezen Connect: Cloud connection (Industry 4.0 approved) included.

- Belts and rollers quickly removable for easy cleaning.

- Prepared for pressure water cleaning.

- Facilitates certification: HACCP, IFC, BRC, ISO 22000.

- Flour duster XL with variable volume/speed available.

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