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  • Cut through (2 tracks)

  • incision on both sides

  • perfect cutting results thanks to a patented KR knife system, even with difficult products

  • A synchronized upper and lower belt drive gently transports the product through the cutting machine

  • Cutting speed, knife height and upper belt height are individually adjustable

  • continuous product flow

  • The product is fed by manual product support or by automatic product transfer from a conveyor belt

  • movable by means of castors - this means that the machine can be used flexibly in different production areas

  • With a completely closed machine housing, the machine meets a high safety standard


  • Height adjustment of the cutter position by means of a handwheel - indication of the adjusted cutter height on a cutter height scale

  • Height adjustment of the upper band position by means of a handwheel - indication of the upper band position on a height scale

  • Cutting takes place in a through-feed method, ie, the products are put on the front side of the machine and leave the machine as cut on its back side.

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