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Volumetric Dough Divider

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Calybra is a practical and robust divider, suitable for any bakery. It uses a two-phase oil free dividing system for gentle dough handling while assuring optimal accuracy.

This unique divider does not consume dividing oil, providing you with huge savings over its lifetime. A typical user will save minimum 4.000,= euro per year in costs for oil alone. By switching-off automatically after the last dough portion, further savings are guaranteed.

Its vacuum dividing system works essentially stress-free, further improving the end product. The large range of dividing brings flexibility to produce new products in response to consumer demand.

By its design it is useful for any type of dough: pizza, white, brown, integral, rye and gluten-free. The oil free dividing is hygienic and advances product quality. At the same time it allows for an hourly capacity of up to 3.000 breads.

The stainless steel dividing head ensures compliance with food safety regulations over the entire lifetime of the machine. The panelling, dividing head and belt frame are manufactured in stainless steel as well.  

Solid construction and well considered components guarantee high production capacity in a demanding environment as well as maximum reliability. Maintenance is fast and simple.

Meets the new dedicated CE standard EN 12042:2014 regarding the safety of dough dividers.

Available models with weight range:

0.2 : 25 - 230 gr (double piston)
1.0 : 50 - 1.000 gr
1.5 : 50 - 1.500 gr (double piston)
2.5 : 100 - 2.800 gr (double piston)

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Clear touchscreen with speed adjustment, piece-counter and cleaning program. The pressure time can be adjusted depending on the processed dough.
Optional there is a memory pack allowing the required weight to be set automatically according to the stored recipe. This version can be connected to the Lybra weight control system.


Quick adjustment of the required volume. The selected corresponding weight can be seen easily.


Optional Memory pack for automatic setting of the next recipe. Weight setting is done by an electric step motor for maximum accuracy.
A manual override is available.


Memory connect pack assures cloud connection through the Artezen Connect application.


Stainless steel hopper and dividing chamber for maximum hygiene. Different sizes of hoppers are available from 80 to 500 kg. Safety devices according to the latest CE standards.


The stainless steel weight chamber is quickly accessible for cleaning and maintenance.


The low-pressure dividing system complete with internal cooling guarantees long operation. Maximum accuracy of the divided dough portions thanks to the constant pressure system.


Splitter belts with adjustable speed (on double piston versions) allow for correct positioning of the divided pieces.


Optional V-belt system (on lateral out feed versions) for high speed production. Assures precise positioning and centering of the divided dough portions.


Optional fold-away hopper for improved cleaning access.


Optional Exelia treatment of hopper for high acidity dough.


Optional electric flour duster made in stainless steel (standard size or XL). Can be switched on/off when required. Amount of dispensed flour can be regulated easily. The duster is removable without tools.


Wheels facilitate mobility. You are not tied to one location and you can have the floor cleaned easily.


Electric sockets for attaching and synchronising follow-up machines.

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