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The arrangement of the bowls in a clocked mixing process results in an extremely compact and powerful kneading system.

The rotation of the mixing carousel in the working cycle allows a smooth movement of the tank wagons within the system: Dosing station, mixing station, dough resting station, tipping station.

The individual tank wagons are fixed on a revolving support frame (carousel) and are brought to the stations with fast clock movements and hydraulically locked. Then the individual actions can be performed in parallel: dosing request to the silos, close the mixer and tool rotation, lifting, tipping und pouring.


• Individual process steps such as dosing, kneading and emptying can be run at the same time
• Fast change of recipe possible
• Dust-free loading of bowls
• Intensive kneading in a short time at high efficiency-DIOSNA spiral or Spiralknetung
• Kneading Process control over time-energy-temperature
• Longer dough can be reached by enlarging the Bottich number
• Automatic operation by connection to production control systems
• Smooth operation with high quality without fluctuations
• Production-safe plants through robust industrial design


• All Mixers with removeable bowls
• 3-6 Possible stations
• Capacity 800to 8,000 kg/h

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