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The Wendel Mixer of the hygienic design line (WH series) is the latest development of the HygienicDesign series. The design of the mixer is based on the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).

The Wendel Mixer is designed as open construction with round stainless steel profiles. These features guarantee a short and optimized cleaning process and a reduction of deposits. Surfaces are hygienically optimized to prevent microbial and particulate contamination of the baked product.

This mixing system is suitable for all kind of dough due to the gentle mixing process and the low dough heating. At the end of the mixing process, the dough is discharged through the electrically controlled bowl opening of the bottom discharge system. As with all Wendel Mixers the dough is mixed between the with two counter-rotating wendel-shaped mixing tools.


• Mixer in stainless steel execution with open, hygienic frame structure
• Machine casing glass bead blasted, reduced to a minimum
• Bowl with bottom discharge - bowl opening with closing cone, discharge via motordriven locking mechanism
• Mixer without hydraulic components, all drives in elctric execution
• Bowl scraper with temperature sensor PT 100
• Mixer suitable for wet cleaning with low pressure
• PLC control with touch panel operation


• Dough cooling with CO² injection
• Upgrade to fully automatic system by adding a transport system
• Automatic scrap dough feeding with pneumatically operated hopper installed on the bowl cover
• Antivibration feet for positioning on platform or intermediate ceiling

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