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Spray - Profi

Professional spraying technique for large quantities.


The Spray-Profi is the ideal device to quickly convey large quantities of materials to be cold-processed (such as egg. oil / release agents, etc.) and to process them with the highest precision.

Here the Spray-Profi serves as a professional charging system for large companies. The Spray-Profi can be used on a spray gun as well as on a conveyor system.

Spray - Profi.png

Product Description

Spray-Profi 0200
  • Poweful diaphragm pump

  • Infinitely variable

  • Output > 18 Ltr./Min.

  • Low maintenance compressed air technology

  • Space-saving wall mounting

  • The extremely powerful pump ensures fast and accurate results with high economic efficiency thanks to its rapid and uniform withdrawal from containers and drums of all types and sizes.

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