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Conical Dough Rounder.jpg


Conical Dough Rounder.jpg

Conyca is a valuable addition to any bread production line; it effectively rounds soft and medium strong doughs while respecting the characteristics of the products.

Installation and synchronisation with the main elements of the bread plant are simple. The daily maintenance requirements are minimal. The Teflon coated treatment of the surfaces in contact with dough is hygienic and makes cleaning easy.

The rounding surface is a generous 4 meter, guaranteeing optimal results. The large range of rounding brings flexibility to accomodate your production line for new products (depending on the chosen model 100 - 500 gr; 200 - 1.200 gr. or 400 - 1.800 gr.).

Conyca is equipped with an electric adjustable flour duster made of stainless steel. Its wheels facilitate mobility while offering sufficient ground clearance. A soft start-up system ensures a stable position in the prodcuton line.

Optional hot and cold air blower for sticky doughs. A full stainless steel version is available as well.

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